We treat our dogs the same way they will later treat their owners — with respect, love, and care.

Vlad Elzar, Trainer at Canesapiens

Cane Sapiens is a dog training company that offers a wide variety of dog breeds trained according to your expectations.

We specialize in training breeds that can not only obediently guard your home or protect their owners but also be loyal family members and best friends. Our mission is to train the best-behaved pet you have ever had! Check out the 'Dogs for Sale' page to find out the options we’re now offering. If you are still hesitant about the breed or not sure if you are ready to become a dog owner, take a look at our advice on the 'FAQ' page.

Not only do we offer dogs you can see on the 'Dogs for Sale' page, we also do our best to meet all your requests. Say, you need a specific breed to be trained for your special needs. Cane Sapiens is more than happy to help you. We will find the dog you need and prepare it for becoming your pet. Remember, we at Cane Sapiens are incredibly proud of our selection of dog breeds and know every detail about them - feel free to contact us any time!

Professional training

All dogs pass a course of specialized training to meet the requirements of their future owners.

Mental health

A good service dog is a stable dog. All assistance dogs go through a mental health check before training.

Physical health

We run frequent medical checks and provide good food and medication so our dogs stay healthy and safe.

Stable dogs

Every individual is trained to be non-reactive to external irritants like cats, shooting, loud noises, smell, etc.

Reliable dogs

Those breeds that work with police are well-prepared to assist in any circumstances, no matter where they are.


We’re used to being first everywhere, so taking part in dog competitions not only reaffirms our leading position but also helps to improve our dog’s skills.

  • Rich

    Junior Champion

  • Ace

    Junior Champion

  • Banjo

    Junior Champion

  • Bruno

    Junior Champion

  • Bowen

    Junior Champion

  • George

    Junior Champion

  • Kobe

    Junior Champion